Kosovo Serb Politician Warns Victory of Serb List in the Elections is Not Credible

Kosovo Serb politician Aleksandar Jablanovic says (04.11) that the victory of the Belgrade-backed Serbian List at the latest Kosovo elections is doubtful.

Jablanovic, who is the leader of the Party of Kosovo Serbs, told local television in Gracanica that he was against Serb List because it is not a legitimate representative of Kosovo Serbs. According to him, 97% of the votes in the elections for Serb List were “stolen”. He added that his party has evidence of election fraud, which they will deposit to the Kosovo Central Election Commission.

Jablanovic warned that the Serbian community in Kosovo has been virtually ignored and cannot trust neither Belgrade nor Pristina. He considers, that the representatives of the Serbian community in Kosovo should acquire a direct access to the Brussels talks as it comes to their own future. “The dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina aims to protect the interests of Serbia in Kosovo, but it will also determine and future of Serbs in Kosovo”, adding that not everything that Belgrade negotiate is in the best interests of the Kosovo Serbs. According to him: “The negotiations aim to buy time and gain points that will facilitate Serbia’s path to the European Union”.

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