Telekom Serbia Takes Over Kosovo Cable Operator and Removes Independent Television

Kosovo’s Serbian radio-television station Mir has been removed by Kosovo’s largest cable provider VGN, said Nenad Radosavljevic, CEO of RTV Mir, on Tuesday (07.01).

RTV Mir was removed from VGN over the weekend after the cable operator sold its equipment and broadcast rights to MTS D.O.O, which is entirely owned by Serbian state operator Telekom Srbija.

RTV Mir was established in Leposavic in 1999 and has so far aired programs in northern and central Kosovo.

“According to the information I received, RTV Mir was removed from the VGN cable system two days ago, but it was not removed by other cable operators”, Radosavljevic told RTV Kosovo and Metohija. He added that he had talked to the owner of VGN, who told him that the cable operator had sold everything to MTS D.O.O. on 30.12.2019.

“Other cable operators in Kosovo and Serbia are aware of the trend of state-owned companies buying them in order to shut down independent media that are telling truths which the authorities do not want to be broadcast. The public will not receive timely and accurate information about political events that have entered a more tense stage”, Radosavljevic said, adding that he expects MTS D.O.O. to take over all other cable operators in northern Kosovo, where the Serb population is predominant and to follow a shutdown of all independent media.

Radosavljevic said he had informed the Media Commission but did not expect a response in the near future.

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