Serbia Falls Five Places on EIU Democracy Index for 2019

According to the Democracy Index for 2019, compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Serbia fell to 66th place, five lower than the last year and is still among the “incomplete democracies”.

The index measures the state of democracy according to 60 indicators in 167 countries, of which 166 are sovereign states and 164 are UN member states.

The countries are divided into four categories: complete democracy, incomplete democracy, hybrid and authoritarian regimes.

The index measures electoral systems and pluralism, the functioning of the government, democratic political culture and civil rights.

Authoritarian regimes have index 0, while the countries with index ten are considered full democracies. The Republic of North Macedonia went up one place to 77th, according to the Skopje media. But it belongs to the hybrid regime with other countries with indexes from four to six.

Montenegro is at 84th place with 5.65 indexes, Bosnia and Herzegovina is ranked 102nd with 4.86 points, and Albania with 5.89 points holds 79th place (all three are in the hybrid regime category).

In the category above – incomplete democracies – are Croatia with 6.57 at 59th place, one up than before; Serbia with 6.41 point at 66th place, five lower than previously; while Slovenia remains at 36th place with 7.5 points.

Norway tops the list with 9.87 index points, while North Korea is at the bottom with 1.08 points.

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