Madrid Ratified NATO Membership Protocol of the Republic of North Macedonia

Spain was the last to ratify the Protocol of the Republic of North Macedonia for NATO membership, practically ensuring that all Alliance members are giving green light for the accession of the Republic of North Macedonia to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The news was reported at a press conference in Skopje by North Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, who was accompanied by Spanish ambassador to Skopje Emilio Lorenzo Serra.

Dimitrov said the Spanish Senate had unanimously ratified the protocol unanimously over the weekend and thanked Madrid for putting it on the agenda during “such difficult time for the world, Europe and Spain”.

“Spain was the 29th, the last NATO member state to ratify the accession protocol, thus ending this process”, Dimitrov said.

The next steps involve Spain’s ratification to be sent to State Department, then Washington will forward it to NATO in Brussels, after which the Alliance will formally invite Skopje to deposit its instrument – the Ratification Act of the North Atlantic Agreement.

“This is bringing an end to our thirty year process of efforts and desire to become part of the North Atlantic family”, Nikola Dimitrov added.

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