Kosovo’s Prime Minister Accused the President of Violating Constitutional Order

Kosovo’s current Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, accused (22.04) President Hashim Thaci of abusing power and endangering the constitutional order after Thaci announced that he would propose a mandate for the formation of a new government to each party that wins a majority in the parliament, without calling early elections.

Kurti said that with these actions, the president becomes illegitimate, and his consultations with political parties on whether they support new elections or a new government are in violation of the Constitution.

“Today’s act is the president’s most outrageous attempt to overturn the constitutional order by trying to eliminate the will of the people expressed in the elections through an anti-constitutional decree that seeks to exclude the party that won the election from forming the government”.

“With this act, in violation of its role of representing the unity of the nation, as defined by the Constitution, the president became illegitimate. Therefore, when today’s statements are formalized, they will undoubtedly end up in the Constitutional Court. It is clear that the president has received this chance from the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), which has given up on any election promise to its electorate”, Kurti said.

Kurti’s accusations come against President Thaci’s statement that he considers the lack of a response to nominate a new prime minister from “Self-determination”, the largest party in parliament, as a refusal to exercise its constitutional right.

The president held consultations with all political parties (22.04) to inquire if they wanted a new election or to form a new government. All parties except “Self-determination” supported the idea of forming a new government. Thaci announced that he would offer the prime minister’s term to the candidate of any party that won enough votes in parliament.

After the consultations, the LDK and several other opposition parties have agreed on a coalition without “Self-determination”, and are expected to announce their nomination for prime minister by the end of this week.

Acting Prime Minister Albin Kurti has announced that the creation of any new government without early elections would be illegitimate but did not indicate what action “Self-determination” would take.

In view of the worsening crisis with the coronavirus epidemic, it is more likely that “Self-determination” will refrain from taking active political action, at least for the duration of the emergency measures, and be limited to referring to the Constitutional Court, as announced by the party leader, Albin Kurti.