Bosnian Local Elections Will Take Place on October 4th

Central Election Commission (CIK) of Bosnia and Heregovina, decided on May 7th that local elections will be held across the country on October 4, 2020 – with exception of the city of Mostar, which is populated mostly of Bosnian croats.

According to the Bosnian top electoral authority, the total of 3,374, 364 citizens, without Mostar residents, are eligible to vote.

Citizens will elect 64 municipal councils in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and 56 in municipal assemblies in Republika Srpska, as well as 40 city councils in the Federation, 7 city assemblies in RS, 22 mayors in the whole country and the Assembly of Brcko District, which has a separate administrative unit.

CIK Secretary said the elections in Mostar would be called once the conditions for that are met. The local elections in the City of Mostar were last held in 2008. Two years later, the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina acted upon motion of Croat representatives in the state Parliament, assessing as unconstitutional parts of the Bosnia’s Election Law which refer to the City of Mostar.

The court tasked the state Parliament in 2010 to amend the Election Law regarding the provisions which treat the electoral rules in that city, but this did not happen to date and Mostar elections remain the subject of political disagreements in the country and the permanent objections and recommendations by the international community to be done as soon as possible.

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