“Partition of Kosovo” Must be Agreed with Serbia and Approved by UN SC

Russian Ambassador to Belgrade Alexander Botsan Kharcenko has told that “Partition of Kosovo” must be agreed by Pristina and Belgrade, and once Serbia has accepted it, the agreement has to be confirmed by the UN Security Council.

Kharcenko was asked in an interview for “Politika” newspaper about Russia’s “red lines” in the dialogue, and whether the division of Kosovo is still a relevant idea.

“The relevance of the idea ​”Partition of Kosovo”, as well as any other idea, can be assessed only by Belgrade and Pristina. The sustainable outcome of the Kosovo issue is achievable only as a result of taking into account balanced mutual interests, compromises – on the basis of international law, without imposing external schemes or time frames. The main criterion for us is that the solution should be acceptable for Serbia”, he replied.

“The final solution of the Kosovo issue should be determined in the UN Security Council by passing a new resolution that would replace the current Resolution 1244”, he added.

Asked whether Russia would be engaged in mediating a deal alongside the US and EU, Kharcenko said that would depend on Belgrade’s request.

“Now it is too early to consider. I don’t think imitating other players is a reasonable and justified strategy. Moscow has an independent vision of the situation. Our engagement requires, above all, an invitation from Belgrade. At the same time, the negotiation process itself should be conducted in a clear international legal framework [that is] acceptable to us, based on UN Security Council Resolution 1244, and should have an acceptable form and content. Let me add, without any malice, that so far the results of diplomatic activities are not too obvious. For now, on the contrary, there is only more chaos in Kosovo itself”, he said.

The United States and the European Union have appointed special envoys for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue that is officially mediated by the European Union.

In 2018 President Vucic asked the Russian President Putin, Russia to join the dialogue if the US got involved. Whilst the request was welcomed by Putin back then, Vucic has not been reported to have voiced the same request in public until now.

A few months later, allegations about a possible land swap deal between Kosovo and Serbia had appeared in the dialog for the normalization of the relations between Serbia and Kosovo, held in Brussels  under the mediation of the EU former chief diplomat Federica Mogherini.

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