“Self-Determination” Rehearses Protests

In protests under the motto “Protest rehearsal”, organized by the Self-Determination movement, about 2,000 people gathered (28.05) in the center of Pristina, calling for early elections after the March 25 vote of no confidence to the government of their leader Albin Kurti. The gathering at Skanderbeg Square ended peacefully, with the greetings from the window of the government building of the resigned Prime Minister Kurti.

For a long time, the protesters chanted his name and slogans: “We want elections”, “Yes to the elections, no to the thieves”, “Self-Determination”.

The protest was allowed only after several failed attempts by “Self-Determination” that were declined on the grounds of dangers related to the Covid-19 virus.

The political situation in Kosovo remains volatile following the no-confidence vote and the ensuing dispute between Prime Minister Kurti and President Hashim Thaci.

Thaci urged Kurti to step down and expressed his support for the forming of a new government by the Democratic League of Kosovo of Isa Mustafa, the “Self-Determination”’s former coalition partner. Kurti insisted that the constitution made it clear that after the party that won the most votes in the parliamentary elections could not form a government, following the no-confidence vote, new elections should be held. “Self-Determination” referred the matter to the Venice Commission of the EU, which refrains from taking sides in the dispute, and to the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, which gave the main institutions in the country (parliament, presidency and council of ministers) a deadline until May 8th to provide their opinion on the case and set May 29th as the date by which it shall take a decision.

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