Thousands of People in a Protest Walk in Sarajevo

Several thousand people took to the streets on May 30th to protest against the silent dictatorship, sending a message of dissatisfaction with the situation, corruption and injustice in the country.

The protest was organized by Mirsad Hadzikadic and his Platform for progress and was joined by other opposition parties in Sarajevo.

Speaking at the rally, Hadzikadic said that the people of Bosnia live in a “dictatorship of three dictators”, of the three ethnic leaders – Bosniak leader Bakir Izetbegovic, Croat leader Dragan Covic and Serb leader Milorad Dodik.

The leader of the People and Justice Party, Almedin Konakovic, told protesters and media representatives that they would hold protests across the country if local elections were postponed again, as announced days ago.

“The Central Election Commission (CIK) may postpone the elections due to the coronavirus pandemic by one month. The CIK is highly politicized and if they postpone it again, we will organize protests across the country. Not only in the Federation of BiH, but also in Republika Srpska”, Konakovic said.

Earlier this week, the CIK announced it would postpone local elections in the country, as the country’s political leaders could not agree on the distribution of the election budget.

“There is a detained Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH, the Asim affair, a respiratory machines affair and no doubt people will show the government what they think about the postponement of the elections. It will be a hot summer and ugly scenes in Bosnia if these people do not return to the democratic framework”, Konakovic stressed.

He concluded that he hoped the authorities would understand the message from Sarajevo.

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