Serbian Election Commission Published the Final Election Results

The Serbian Republican election commission (REC) released the official results for the June 21 parliamentary elections which showed that less than 50 percent of the electorate turned out to vote.

The REC said that a total of 6,584,376 adult Serbian citizens have been registered to vote and that 3,221,908 votes were cast at 8,433 polling stations on June 21 and the repeated vote at some polling stations on July 1. According to those figures, a total of 48.9% of the electorate turned out to vote.

A statement said that the final report on the election results was adopted on July 5 and added that seven parties and coalitions won seats in parliament. It specified that three coalitions crossed the three percent threshold and that four minority parties and coalitions won guaranteed seats.

It said that the coalition headed by the Serbian Progressive Party (SPP) Aleksandar Vucic – For Our Children won 1,953,998 votes or 60.65% of the total votes cast and will have 188 seats, followed by the Ivica Dacic – Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) – United Serbia (US) – Dragan Markovic Palma coalition which won 334,333 votes or 10.38% of the votes cast and will have 32 seats and the Aleksandar Sapic – Victory for Serbia coalition which won 123,393 votes or 3.83% of the votes cast and will have 11 seats.

The national minority parties and coalitions in the Serbian parliament are the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians – Istvan Pasztor which won 71,893 votes or 2.23% of the votes cast and will have nine seats, Academician Muamer Zukorlić – Just Straight – Party of Justice and Reconciliation (PJR) – Democratic Party of Macedonians (DPM) coalition which won 32,170 votes or 1.00% of the votes cast and will have four seats and the Albanian Democratic Alternative – United Valley with three seats and the list headed by Sulejman Ugljanin with three seats.

The most of the opposition parties boycotted the elections. Those of them, which have decided to go on elections received less than 1%. The only town with opposition’s local authority remains Sabac, where the mayor Nebojisa Zelenovic won the second mandate with his party “Together for Serbia”.  

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