Dodik: It is Time for Serbs to Hold a Referendum on Secession from BiH

BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik said it’s high time to rehabilitate the United States’ 1995 idea for Serbs to hold a referendum on secession from BiH, advocated by then-US President Bill Clinton.

Commenting on the declassified documents from 1995, at the time of the events in Srebrenica, Bill Clinton had a plan for the Muslim-Croat federation to get a little less than half of BiH, while the Americans would put pressure on the Muslim side to agree for Serbs to hold a referendum on secession from BiH two to three years after the end of the war. Dodik said that the time had come to rehabilitate the idea and for Serbs to finally get the right to self-determination, as all other nations have.

“It is obvious that there is no will of Bosniak political representatives in BiH to respect the original Dayton and that we are hostages of that Bosniak sidedness, whose goal is to create a unitary BiH. The time has come for Clinton’s idea to be renewed and for the provisions on civil rights and freedoms to be applied, which stipulate that the peoples of BiH have the equal right to self-determination, as they have in all normal countries”, said Dodik.

He emphasized that BiH in the actual political shape has no future, no better life for its citizens, no progress of any kind until things move from the deadlock.

“It is time for Republika Srpska to affirm its right to self-determination and to live normally and peacefully next to each other, because all these years it has been shown that BiH has no chance of any agreement that would respect the rights of all three constituent peoples”, Dodik insisted.

“It has been 25 years since the Dayton Agreement, and nowhere is BiH where it is. It was only confirmed that it was a failed experiment of the international community. It is time to affirm Clinton’s idea and for Serbs to get the right to choose where and in what country they want to live. This is not their state, nor do Serbs perceive it that way. Their state is Republika Srpska”, said Dodik.

According to documents that removed the seal of confidentiality, former US President Bill Clinton asked the government in Sarajevo in 1995 to cede territory to Serbs in order to end the war in BiH, but it was only one of the few ideas to finish the Bosnian war.

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