Vucic and Biscevic Discuss Need to Boost Serbia-Croatia Cooperation

The relationship between Serbia and Croatia is important for the entire region, which is why efforts should be made to promote good neighborly relations and cooperation and to overcome the obstacles resulting from differing views on the recent past, the Serbian president and the Croatian ambassador said in Belgrade on October 14. 

President Aleksandar Vucic and Ambassador Hidajet Biscevic discussed the need for the two countries to focus on advancing good neighborly relations and cooperation, because the relationship between Serbia and Croatia is important for the entire region, Vucic’s office said in a press release. 

The Serbian president expressed an expectation that the obstacles arising from differing views on the recent past would be overcome in the future through mutual respect so that the citizens of both countries would benefit from the policy of peace and cooperation, especially on the economic front. 

Vucic and Biscevic reaffirmed the readiness of the two countries to develop infrastructure projects, notably the railway line between Belgrade and Zagreb, and to make better use of the navigability of the Danube. 

They expressed hope that circumstances would allow for the restoration of political dialogue and for joint commissions to continue their work in different fields. Vucic noted the importance of the commission on missing persons from the 1991-1995 war, saying that it was “first and foremost, a civilizational and humanitarian issue.” 

Biscevic conveyed the gratitude of Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic to Vucic for his personal involvement in the reconstruction of the birth house of Count Josip Jelacic, the Ban (governor) of Croatia (1801-1859), in Petrovaradin and its handover to the Croatian community for use. The handover ceremony is scheduled for October 19. 

Vucic said he was proud that Serbia was making good on its promises and would continue to improve the status of the Croatian community in Serbia, “with whom we want to live in harmony.” 

Vucic said that he would continue to work on ensuring a better status for the Serbs in Croatia just as the Croatian authorities were trying to improve the status of the Croats in Serbia. 

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