Seven European States: EU-Mediated Belgrade – Pristina Dialogue Only Option

Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Belgium and Estonia said in a joint statement late on Wednesday (21.10) that Belgrade-Pristina dialogue facilitated by the European Union was the only sustainable option for normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo. 

They called on “all political players in Kosovo and Serbia to cooperate and build political consensus concerning a common goal”. 

“That will demand decisive reforms in both countries to strengthen the rule of law, especially the fight against corruption and organized crime. We emphasize the significance of the cooperation with the (EU mission in Kosovo) EULEX and Kosovo’s international obligation to respect the Specialized Councils in The Hague and cooperate with them”, the joint statement said. 

Published on the day when the UN Security Council is due to discuss the regular sixth-month report on the EULEX work, the statement welcomed “both Kosovo and Serbia government confirmation to their strategic commitment to the EU future”. 

Germany, France, Belgium and Estonia are members of the UN Security Council. 

“We call on both sides to build trust and abstain from the inflammatory rhetoric and provocative actions which raise tensions and risk a stalemate in the dialogue. We expect both sides to be constructive in working with the EU special envoy Miroslav Lajčák in reaching a legally binding and comprehensive solution on the normalization of relations, thus contributing to the regional stability”, the statement said. 

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