Six Priorities For New Serbian Government

Prime Minister-Designate Ana Brnabic said on Wednesday (28.10) that her new cabinet has six goals including the fight against crime and corruption and strengthening the health care system to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. 

Speaking in the Serbian parliament, she said the six goals are: fighting the coronavirus pandemic and strengthening the health care system, preserving the vital interests of the Serbs in Kosovo, fighting organized crime, maintaining Serbia’s independence and independent decision making, the rule of law and speeding up reforms on the European path and strengthening the country’s economy. Brnabic said her cabinet’s first priority is protecting the health of the population and supporting the health care system.   

The new government will continue investing in roads, railways, and river traffic, she said and added that productivity has to be raised because it is at a low level compared to the European Union. The PM-designate said that Serbia is facing a difficult winter with huge political challenges. “Primarily in relation with Pristina, continuing the dialogue to normalize relations and the establishing of the Community of Serb Municipalities (CSM) which we will not give up on”, she said.   

“The new government will continue to conduct policies to protect its vital interests, peace, and cooperation in regard to Kosovo with the aim of protecting our people, cultural and religious heritage in Kosovo as well as peace and stability in the entire region. The government will coordinate all of its activities on what she said where perhaps the greatest challenge to the long-term sustainable security and stability of the region with President Aleksandar Vucic, adding that the priorities in terms of Kosovo are the talks with Pristina, promoting economic development and living conditions for Kosovo Serbs and supporting the return of displaced persons. “National and political unity on this issue is our absolute priority”, she said.   

Brnabic went on to say that the state has to show that it is stronger than organized crime and called the security services to protect President Vucic who, she said, declared war on the Mafia and is under daily attacks to criminalize him. She said that the state will provide protection to everyone involved in the fight against organized crime and added that the sources of financing organized crime and its networks in state bodies, politics and the media have to cut.   

Brnabic said that Serbia will have a single education information system by April 2021 with a clear overview of the entire education system and added that the country’s telecommunications system has to be upgraded and Internet access brought to every village. She said that AI will be another of her cabinet’s priorities. 

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