Serbians Still Opposed to NATO Membership

The Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID) said that three-fourths of the population of Serbia is opposed to NATO membership. 

CeSID official Ivo Colovic told a Belgrade NATO Week conference that just 14 percent of the 800 people polled have a positive attitude towards cooperation with the Alliance.   

He said that half the polled said that they favor membership in the European Union, adding that the people who are opposed to EU membership are aged 18-29 and over the age of 60. 

Meanwhile, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary-General for Public Diplomacy Carmen Romero said on Monday, November 6th,  that Serbia is important to NATO and NATO is important to Serbia. 

She told the online Belgrade NATO Week conference Belgrade and the Alliance want a secure Western Balkan region.   

Romero said that Serbia is of crucial importance for the stability of the Western Balkans, adding that it is a force for good in the region. According to her, the stability of the Western Balkans is linked to the stability of the Euro Atlantic area.   

NATO and Serbia want peace, security, and prosperity for our citizens and we are working together through our partnership to make this a reality. That is why our partnership is significant to both sides, she added.

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