Belgrade and Pristina Need the Dialogue

The European Union’s special representative for Kosovo dialogue Miroslav Lajcak said that both Belgrade and Pristina know that they need the dialogue, adding that he is optimistic about its outcome. 

Speaking at an online conference organized by the Johns Hopkins University, Lajcak said that Kosovo and Serbia have shown a commitment to the process. “When there was no dialogue there was instability. Now when the two sides are talking an impression was created that things are under control. The dialogue cannot be avoided. The two sides want a European future and know that the only way is through dialogue”, he said. 

Lajcak said that three sides will decide on a solution for Kosovo. “I am in constant contact with everyone, including the EU member states who have a say in this. We do not want losers and winners because we want everyone to be a winner”, he added. 

“The EU does not agree with the philosophy that whatever the two sides agree should be accepted. We are the guardians of European values and the solution should bring the two sides closer together and be acceptable to the EU”, he said. 

According to Lajcak, an exchange of territory is no longer being discussed following warnings that it could open Pandora’s box. 

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