Serbia: 52 Pct People Support Military Act in Kosovo

The recently conducted survey’s result showing 52 percent of the polled supported military intervention in Kosovo if the Belgrade – Pristina dialogue on the normalization of relations failed, was devastating, two opposition leaders told a news conference on Wednesday (25.11). 

Nebojsa Zelenovic, the head of the Together for Serbia movement and Zoran Vuletic, the president of the Civil Democratic Forum agreed Serbia should lean on the West if it wanted to have future. 

The poll conducted by the Belgrade Centre for Security Policies (BCBP) published last Wednesday (25.11), also showed 40 percent saw Russia as Serbia’s best friend, 72 percent believed the Russian influence was positive, while 51 percent were against the European Union membership. 

The two said they wanted to be included in the process of solving the Kosovo issue. 

“History teaches us that the longer we wait, our lives are worse”, Zelenovic said. 

According to him, that doesn’t mean Kosovo “would be surrendered or sold”, but that a lasting peace should be reached in negotiations.
Vuletic said the poll’s results were alarming, showing that the country had never gone out from the war past. 

“As a society, we have become numb because all governments from 2004 have been trying to relativize the 1990s, to nourish the obliviousness and to defend Serbia’s war past which hasn’t been glorious”, he added. 

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