Bosnian Armed Forces Proved Their Readiness in Peacekeeping Missions Abroad

The adoption of the Law on the Service in the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina 15 years ago, initiated the process of the formation of the country’s armed forces regardless of their ethnic or religious background, cadets can join and be equal with others in bearing the load of the profession required by the Armed Forces, the Croat member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, Zeljko Komsic, said Wednesday (02.12), marking the Day of Bosnia’s Armed Forces. 

“Our soldiers have proven their capabilities in solving the greatest challenges by serving within UN and NATO peace missions, taking part at very complex and demanding tasks, which led to them receiving high marks in these supranational organizations.”, Komsic said. 

The Croat Presidency member congratulated the Armed Forces and Defense Ministry on fulfilling over 70 percent of the country’s reform program in difficult circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Despite many difficulties, primarily in financial terms, the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina are making continuous progress from year to year, and are proving to be a guarantee for the stability of the state and protection of the territorial integrity of the country. I am convinced that you will continue to perform your tasks successfully, both in the country and abroad. I wish all members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina a happy Day of the Armed Forces of BiH”, Komsic concluded. 

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