Dayton Accords Prevents Bosnia from Joining the EU

Joe Biden has already made it clear that he will protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but, according to the current system, the country is a dysfunctional state, Daniel Serwer, Johns Hopkins University professor told on December 14th. 

He said, BiH nowadays cannot adequately respond to the needs of its citizens: it is too expensive to live in, it largely depends on international support, citizens do not feel protected and they do not feel safe. 

In his opinion, the Dayton Peace Agreement, which also contains Bosnia’s Constitution, needs reform because it does not work very well at recent years, and secondly, it will prevent Bosnia from joining the EU. The Constitutional Law has to be changed with giving more civil rights to the citizens despite the ethnicity and nationality.  

He thinks the Bosnian civil society has to raise the initiative of changing the Constitutional Law and to be involved in discussions for the future of BiH, and the International Community must help Bosnians in their efforts, including for the new Constitution, protection of Civil Rights and Rule of Law, but in the case of eventual negative influence from Serbia and Croatia too. In this respect, Serwer stressed that the police forces of Republika Srpska have been equipped with heavy armament incl. armored vehicles that create some worries in the other entity.  

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