EU Delegation Official Says Serbia Should Step Up Efforts to Align with Brussels

A senior official of the European Union Delegation in Serbia told the annual ISAC Fund conference on Wednesday, December 16th, that Serbia has to step up its efforts to align its policies with the EU’s common foreign and security. 

Dirk Lorenz, the head of the political department at the EU Delegation told the conference that Brussels wants Serbia to progressively align its foreign and security policy with that of the EU in the pre-accession period. He said that this would certainly have a positive effect on the speed of the process. He is quoted as saying that the EU respects sovereign choice, autonomous decisions, including Serbia decision to maintain military neutrality but we believe that military neutrality does not mean political neutrality”, he said.   

EU Delegation chief Sem Fabrizi said during a meeting with Serbian Economy Minister Andjelka Atanaskovic that the Union will continue supporting Serbia’s economic growth through the platform to coordinate reforms in the business environment. 

Lorenz said that Serbia is expected to step up the aligning of its policies before an agreement is reached with Pristina. “We know that a binding agreement on comprehensive normalization of Belgrade-Pristina relations will probably make it easier for Serbia to do that”, he said.   

According to Lorenz, Serbia has been stuck at 50-60 percent alignment with EU decisions over the past few years, adding that this is the lowest level in the region but that progress has been made by aligning with the two declarations on Belarus. 

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