No Recognition of Kosovo, or Membership in NATO

President Aleksandar Vucic said on Friday (18.12) that Serbia would not recognize Kosovo as long as he is in office, nor would it become a member of NATO. 

Speaking on a live talk show on the pro-government Serbian TV Prva, Vucic said that “Belgrade certainly will not recognize Kosovo” by April 2022 when the next presidential elections are to be held.   

Vucic said that Serbia also won’t join NATO because it is a militarily neutral country. “I think that is the best position, safeguarding our country ourselves, as well as the skies and the people and we will continue to do that”, he said. 

The Serbian President said that any changes to the Dayton, Agreement can only be decided by the three constituent nations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and its two entities (the Republika Srpska and BiH Federation) and not by the president of Serbia. He said that the pressure to create a functional state of Bosnia-Herzegovina “is pressure leading in another direction” and is essentially about “reducing the competencies of the Republika Srpska”. “The essence lies in taking away powers and jurisdiction from the Republika Srpska, not making Bosnia-Herzegovina a functional state”, he said. 

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