World Bank Forecasts 2.8% Growth for Bosnia in 2021

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s GDP should increase by 2.8 percent in 2021 if the coronavirus pandemic is put under control and if economic activities recover, according to the World Bank’s latest report. 

The data published in “Global Economic Prospects 2021” the growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina is expected to be lower by 0.8 percent compared to the forecast presented in June last year, when the World Bank projected 3.4 percent growth for the country in 2021.

The new forecast comes after the GDP drop-in 2020 by four percent. 

According to the World Bank, the country’s real growth in 2022 could reach 3.5 percent. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the Western Balkans, will according to the World Bank forecast achieve the GDP provided that the Covid-19 pandemic is put under control and political instabilities are reduced. 

The World Bank also finds the recovery in the European Union is very important for the recovery of the Western Balkan region.

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