Part of Migrants in Improvised Tents Refuses Registration

Dozens of migrants, mostly originating from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan, found a shelter in one of the few improvised tent settlements near Bosnia’s northwestern town of Velika Kladusa, as the official migrant camps in that area are full of people. But, some of them, according to local authorities, refuse to be registered in regular camps. 

The migrants, 30 to 50 of them, are now struggling with snow, which made their tents collapse. Left in the open, some migrants are finding shelter in the abandoned houses in the area. 

Addressing the session of independent intellectuals ‘Krug 99’ on Sunday (10.01), Prime Minister of Una-Sana Canton, Bosnia’s northwestern region, Mustafa Ruznic, said the authorities secured the accommodation for all vulnerable categories, including women and children, a month ago. 

But, he warned, there is a number of migrants refusing to be registered in any of the camps on the territory of this canton. 

“Why? Our police believe it might be because of their status in the countries they come from. They simply don’t want to be registered. There is a small number of them in those mini-camps, up to 10-15 of them. They simply don’t want to come back”, stressed Ruznic. 

He called for better control of illegal migrations on Bosnian eastern borders, accusing all security ministers since 2018 of doing nothing about it and allowing the migrants’ free movement to the Una-Sana Canton. 

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