Belgrade: Let’s Meet Half-way with Pristina

Petkovic, the head of Serbia’s Government Office for Kosovo, said on Wednesday (13.01) that Belgrade advocated a compromise with Pristina, adding the two capitals should “meet half-way so that neither side gets or loses everything.”  

Serbia was an internationally recognized country and did not need Kosovo’s recognition, he said, and added the Belgrade – Pristina dialogue in Brussels was about the normalization of relations, and not about mutual recognition. 

He accused Kosovo’s politicians of using it for internal politics and the forthcoming elections. 

“We have signed 48 agreements, and Pristina has to implement them. We have done our part”, he said, adding Kosovo’s acting President Vjosa Osmani “does not understand or pretend to be naïve when she says Brussels must pressure Belgrade into implementing the agreements.” 

“I welcome her words that the agreed must be implemented. We also insist on that”, Petkovc said. 

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