Petkovic Banned from Entering Kosovo to Deliver Aid

Serbia’s Government Office for Kosovo said on Thursday (14.01) that Pristina’s authorities banned the Office’s head Petar Petkovic from entering Kosovo where he intended to deliver humanitarian aid to areas hit by floods.  

„It’s obvious the election campaign in Pristina already started and that the Serbs are the target again. The Albanian politicians’ move shows that political marketing was more important to them than the people’s life and safety. At the same time, such an attitude shows that the European Union is not capable of securing the respect of the agreed documents including that of the freedom of movements”, Petkovic said in a statement. 

He added he did not want to add to the tensions in Kosovo and said „there is one thing we all can be sure about – no one can stop us from helping our people. As we promised, Serbia’s aid will reach our people endangered by floods”, in Kosovo. 

Parts of Kosovo have been hit by heavy floods recently. 

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