Vucic: We Have an Adequate Answer to the ‘Great Albania’ Initiative

Serbia’s President, Aleksandar Vucic said the former Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj is a “dangerous man” and the “Great Albania” would be a threat to everyone, Serbia, the region, and Europe. 

Vucic’s reaction comes after a statement from Haradianaj that if there is no progress on the visa liberalization process, or joining NATO, he himself will request a referendum in 2025 for joining Albania. Haradinaj has an open candidacy for Kosovo’s President, expected to be voted after the snap elections on February 14 take place. 

When asked by journalists to comment on the statement, Vucic said that threats should not be returned with threats, adding that Serbia will have an “adequate answer”. 

“My answer is you do your job, whatever you want, and we will have a good and adequate answer, and citizens should not worry”, Vucic said. 

He added that would like to have reactions from Washington, Brussels, and other power centers of the world about Haradinaj’s suggestions. 

“God forbid that someone from our side talked about some other type of unification in the Balkans not only would they impose sanctions on us, but they would almost bomb us”, Vucic said. 

Vucic said that with Haradinaj president and Vetevendosje’s leader, Albin Kurti as a possible coming Prime Minister, the country would have institutions that advocate unification with Albania. 

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