Belgrade Needs a Strategic Partnership with Washington

Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlovic said on January 28th, that her country needed a document on strategic partnership with the US, and an office for better relations with that country.  

She told the Parliament that many had changed in the last several years. Serbia was politically more stable and economically more robust than seven; eight years open to investments and relations with all countries. 

“We celebrate 140 years of bilateral diplomatic ties with the US in 2021. Besides, we had an agreement in 2001, a memorandum on cooperation in 2018, and a week ago another memorandum on investments in infrastructure. However, we need a particular document – about the strategic partnership with the US”, Mihajlovic said. 

She recalled Serbia had such an agreement with Russia, China, Azerbaijan, France, Italy, United Arab Emirates, but not with the US. 

“There is not a single reason not to have such a document which could help us to bring our relationship to a higher level”, Mihajlovic said ahead of presenting a study “Serbia’s People Attitude towards the United States”. 

Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Belgrade Gabriel Escobar agreed it was essential to continue and deepen the cooperation, especially in the economy. The US policy was to boost economic and cultural cooperation with Serbia. 

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