CPI Index Ranks Serbia 38 in 2020, Its Lowest Score Since 2012

The Global Corruption Perception Index (CPI) ranked Serbia at 38th place of its list in 2020 report, one point down from the year before, making it the lowest score the country earned since 2012, CPI said on Thursday (28.01).  

The report added the country’s biggest corruption challenges included serious rule-of-law issues, continued democratic erosion, and efforts to silence critical voices. 

„In response to COVID-19, Serbia took several controversial steps, including suspending Parliament, implementing extensive curfews and inciting violence against protesters”, CPI said. 

It added that „in addition, the police arrested and detained an investigative journalist, while the government restricted access to information on the procurement of medical equipment, and retaliated against health care workers who criticized its response to the public health crisis.” 

„After years of neglect, the country’s health system was tested by COVID-19, with dire consequences. Corruption remains an obstacle to medical specialization and career advancement”, the CPI 2020 report on Serbia said. 

The report also said that Serbia (38), Bosnia and Herzegovina (35), and Republic of North Macedonia (35) were among the top ten countries with the highest brain drain globally, with medical professionals leaving the region in search of better opportunities. 

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