Palestinian Foreign Ministry Disappointed by Kosovo

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry expressed disappointment over the establishing of diplomatic relations between Kosovo and Israel and Pristina’s intention of opening an embassy in Jerusalem. 

“The step was taken by Kosovo with the signing of the agreement with the occupier state and declaration of its intent to open an embassy in occupied Jerusalem is a step that is completely counter to all efforts by Kosovo to convince the states of the world to recognize it”, the statement sent to the media in Serbia by the Embassy of Palestine said. 

It said that the agreement signed by Kosovo and Israel on February 1 is disappointing because it called Kosovo “which is trying to find a place among independent states is expected to literally abide by international legitimacy and international law”. According to the statement, Kosovo has shown that it is ignoring and openly violating international law and resolutions complicating the position of any state that is considering recognition. 

“The Ministry hopes that the decision-making institutions in Kosovo will reconsider the step and quickly annul the decision”, it said. 

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