Serb List Will Play an Important Role in Kosovo Government

Serbian Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic said on Tuesday (16.02) that a large number of Kosovo Serbs voted for the Serb List at the early parliamentary elections because that party is their link to Serbia. 

Dacic told that the fact that the Serb List won all 10 seats reserved for the Serb minority in Kosovo turned that party into an unavoidable player in the forming of the next Kosovo government. According to him, there isn’t any Kosovo government to the liking of the Serbs in Kosovo but that it’s in their interest to be represented in institutions. 

Dacic, leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), said he isn’t surprised by former Kosovo Prime Minister and Vetevendosje party leader Albin Kurti’s statement that the dialogue with Belgrade isn’t a priority for him. Vetevendosje won the most votes in the elections. Dacic said that if Kurti is Prime Minister, the dialogue won’t be easy. “He was never too optimistic about relations with Serbia. The important thing is that we have unity among the Serbs which means we can conduct serious policies”, he said. 

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