Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Can’t Be a Top Priority for Kosovo

Albin Kurti, the leader of the Self-Determination (Vetevendosje) party which won the early parliamentary elections in Kosovo said that Pristina’s dialogue with Belgrade can’t be the number one priority. 

Kurti told Thursday’s (18.02) issue of Belgrade weekly Vreme that all opinion polls conducted in Kosovo show that the dialogue to normalize relations between Belgrade and Pristina is not a priority. The dialogue can be priority number three or four in order to compromise, he said. “I want to engage primarily in a social dialogue with the Kosovo Serbs and that should be with ordinary people, not politicians who want to sell the outcome to their public”, he said. 

According to Kurti, Serb and Albanian farmers should be brought together to discuss “seed, machinery, production, fuel subsidies….”. “We have to think outside the identity register since wherever there is development, there is integration, people talk. Look at the fight against the mini hydro-power plants which the Albanians and Serbs are waging together”, Kurti said.

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