Djukanovic Accuses Serbia of Nationalistic Push Against His State

Milo Djukanovic, Montenegro’s head of state, accused Serbia on Monday (08.03) of using the northern town of Niksic to ‘conquer’ his country, adding Belgrade “understood the latest general elections’ result in the most wrong way.”  

In an interview with Niksic TV, Djukanovic, whose Democratic-Socialist Party (DPS) convincingly lost the last August’s vote after three decades in power, said there was „a need for the retrograde nationalist idea of Greater Serbia.” 

The local ballot in Niksic,  Djukanovic’s hometown is due on March 14 amid tensions and almost daily incidents. 

His DPS emerged as the strongest single party in the town in the 2020 elections and still ruled Niksic ahead of the new local vote. 

„This is about Serbia’s new expansion toward its neighbors, new expansion in the region with an obvious intention to create some colonial order in the mythical Serbian lands wherever the Serbs live. And, of course, to annul everything normal, civil, multiethnic existing in our region,” Djukanovic said. 

He asked who had a right to „declare any land, whether it belongs to Serbia or Montenegro, a Serb land; where is that land nowadays where only Serbs live to be its own in a nationalistic way?” 

„If someone in Montenegro, representing such official Belgrade’s retrograde interests offers you to forget about your interests for a certain amount of money, the interests of a loyal citizen of Niksic, a loyal citizen of Montenegro, and for a miserable amount of money become a traitor to own interests, to serve the interests of another state, it is clear that anyone who thinks they can impose that on Niksic is barking at the wrong tree”, he said. 

Djukanovic added that Serbia misinterpreted the last elections’ results as opening the door to the Serb nationalism to Montenegro. „They (official Belgrade) are still afraid that the DPS could soon recover.” 

He said the opinion polls showed an increase support of the DPS and added it strengthened Serbia’s political and media nationalistic rhetoric and „an impudent offensive against Niksic and Montenegro.” 

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