DPS Remains Strong

Milo Djukanovic, Montenegro’s President, said on Monday (15.03) his Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) did well in Sunday’s local election in his native town of Niksic, announcing its return at the republic’s level following a convincing loss in the August 2020 general vote after three decades in power.  

He told Nova BH TV, his DPS remained the most potent single party and that Sunday’s result was not the end of his 30-year-long political career. 

„DPS scored better (in Niksic) than in the general election and showed it will play a stabilizing role on the political scene and a leading position in advocating Montengro’s’ European future”, Djukanovic said. „And, I believe, it (DPS) will soon return into the power at the state level.” 

His DPS won the majority seats in Niksic’s Parliament but cannot form the local government on its own. Three other parties announced a coalition that would rule the town, pushing DPS in opposition after 28 years. 

Djukanovic said that such an outcome was partly due to still ongoing euphoria of those who won the general elections and to, what he saw, little time since then for people to „rationally understand the quality of exercising power in the past few months.” 

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