EU and US Join Forces in Support of WB to Prevent Russia & China Influence

The European Union and the United States are determined to cooperate much more closely in the policy towards the Western Balkans in finding a solution for Belgrade and Pristina’s relations, EU sources have told the Belgrade Beta news agency Tuesday (30.03).  

The unnamed diplomats added that although Washington and Brussels would join political forces, the EU would have a leading say in the negotiations on a comprehensive agreement on Kosovo issue. 

They said the US administration’s strong support was motivated by the strategy and geopolitical interests of the EU and the US in the Western Balkans, which largely coincided, especially regarding the „EU integration and its economic and political order halting the spread of Chinese and Russian influence.” 

Diplomats in Brussels said, US President Joe Biden called on the EU leaders in a video conference for joint action in foreign policy, especially regarding China and Russia. 

Biden „also pointed to the need for the US and the EU to continue their engagement around Turkey, the southern Caucasus, Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans”, the sources told the agency. 

They said, „there is an impression Biden’s government will be more in favor of cooperating with the EU in resolving world issues than was the government of (President Barack) Obama. The new one is strengthening ties and America’s return to the leading role in NATO; human rights are emphasized, along with crucial directions towards China, with undoubtedly even more complicated relations with Russia. The Balkans have a certain specific weight there”.

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