Serbia Could Buy Weapons From the US

Of the four global powers that Serbia relies on its foreign policy, the United States is the only one that official Belgrade has not bought any weapons or military equipment from, the Balkan Security Network portal said. 

The Serbian military cooperates with the US military through the NATO Partnership for Peace program and the Ohio State Partnership program. 

The portal recalled that the Serbian military has bought missile systems, drones, helicopters, and other weapons and equipment from Russia, China, and the European Airbus consortium. It received Humvee vehicles as a donation from the US. “The Serbian military has a relatively small number of US combat systems mainly donated Humvees and radar systems leftover from Yugoslavia as well as some Maverick missiles and MK82 aerial bombs in storage”, the portal said. It added that the Serbian military could be interested in buying planes, vehicles, anti-armor missiles, and radar systems from the US. 

It said that Serbia is trying to meet its needs from the domestic industry but could be interested in buying Javelin missiles. 

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