US State Department Welcomed Montenegro’s Adoption of Srebrenica Resolution

The US State Department welcomed the adoption of the Resolution on the Genocide in Srebrenica by Montenegro’s Parliament, according to which the country condemns any denial of the genocide that took place in the eastern Bosnian town in 1995. 

“The position of the United States on this issue is long-lasting and unwavering. This painful chapter of European history must never be denied or forgotten”, a US State Department spokesperson told Voice of America on Friday (18.06). 

According to the Resolution, proposed by the Bosniak Party in the country, Montenegro will declare July 11 a day of mourning and remembrance for the victims of the 1995 genocide. 

Montenegro’s Parliament also voted to dismiss Minister of Justice and Human and Minority Rights in the Government of Montenegro, Vladimir Leposavic, over his controversial recent statements in which he questioned whether the Srebrenica Genocide took place. 

Leposavic said in March that he is ready to recognize that genocide was committed in Srebrenica “when it gets proven unequivocally.” 

He argued that the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, which ruled that the 1995 genocide took place, has “lost its legitimacy.” 

The Resolution, which was met with strong opposition by numerous Serb political representatives across the region, notes that more than 8,000 Bosniak civilians were killed in Srebrenica in the genocide. 

It calls for all those accused of involvement in the genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity to be investigated and prosecuted. 

The document also condemns any attempts to blame any specific ethnic group for the genocide, stressing that the responsibility for it can only be put on individuals. 

 The Resolution says it is based on rulings by the international courts. 

It also says that with its adoption, Montenegro, as a full member of NATO, shows commitment to European and Euro-Atlantic values.