UK Joins US in Sanctioning Corrupt Individuals from Bosnia

The UK joined the US efforts to sanction corrupt Bosnian actors and, on that behalf, the British Ambassador Matt Field tweeted on Friday (08.10) the Embassy’s plan to do just that and much more. 

“The UK is committed to the fight against corruption in Bosnia Herzegovina, partnering with those sharing our determination, including through information sharing and capacity building. We agree strongly with the US and our other partners on the need to do more to promote transparency, to prevent corrupt individuals from benefiting from their crimes and to support those working to end corruption. We have a range of ways in which we support stability and good governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We use sanctions as and when we judge they will be most effective, on the basis of evidence, to target those responsible for serious corruption”, reads the statement from the British Embassy. 

Earlier on Friday (08.10) the US Embassy already announced their first step in sanctioning individuals from BiH, saying they will cancel or deny them visas for entering the US. 

The US embassy also noted that the US Ambassador to BiH, Eric Nelson, held a meeting with his western partners during which they agreed on concrete steps to promote transparency and combat corruption. 

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