Appeal the Non-Aligned to Condemn Russia

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Serbia, Oleksander Aleksandrovich, called on the Non-Aligned Movement members to take decisive action against Russia, which he accused of violating the basic principles of that organisation and the United Nations.  

At the plenary session of the high-level meeting during the second day of the Belgrade conference marking the 60th anniversary of the first meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement, Aleksandrovich said that Russia, an observer in that organisation, undermined the fundamental principles of the UN and must be punished. 

Ukraine also has observer status in the Non-Aligned Movement. 

„Russia is violating the convention on chemical weapons, spreading misinformation about COVID-19, creating an ecological catastrophe, using energy for blackmail. Moscow is doing all these terrible things that you, your excellencies, are just condemning in your speeches”, Aleksandrovich said. 

He also criticised Monday’s (11.10) address by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who advocated the need to respect the basic principles of the UN. 

„Many speakers have emphasised the non-interference in the affairs of other countries. I ask you to take decisive action in support of Ukraine and other victims of Russian aggression so that this Movement has a meaningful future”, Alexandrovich said. 

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