Kosovo Won’t Recognize Serbia

Prime Minister Albin Kurti said on Monday (22.11) that Kosovo won’t recognize Serbia as long as its constitution says that Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia. The preamble to the Serbian constitution which was adopted in 2006 says that Kosovo and Metohija (the official name used for Kosovo by the Serbian authorities) is part of the Republic of Serbia.

Speaking after a news conference with Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, Kurti said that Pristina wants a comprehensive agreement with Belgrade that should focus on mutual recognition.

“At present, Serbia does not recognize the independent state of Kosovo and Kosovo can’t accept Serbia as long as it has that constitution from the time of the former President (of the FRY Vojislav) Kostunica. We want mutual recognition which is the central part of the comprehensive agreement. The approach to date was that Kosovo should make concessions and compromises for recognition which comes from Serbia. Serbia benefited from those concessions but did not recognize Kosovo”, Kurti said.