Kosovo Renting Prison to Denmark

Kosovo Justice Minister Albulena Haxhiu said on Thursday (16.12) that Pristina will rent up to 300 jail cells to Denmark. Haxhiu said that Danish Justice Minister Nick Hekkerup would visit Kosovo next week to hammer out the details of the agreement. “The cells will be rented in the Gnjilane prison”, she said, adding that she believes none of the inmates expected to arrive from Denmark are terrorists.

European media reported that none of the prisoners to be sent to Kosovo are Danish nationals and that all are ordered deported once they serve their sentences. „One of the advantages of doing this is that they do not have to be re-socialized to return to society, because they don’t have to be in Denmark afterward. Therefore, we can conveniently move this entire group so that they serve in another place”, Justice Minister Hækkerup told Danish Radio. The agreement is part of the Danish government’s plans to reform its prison system.

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