Early Parliamentary and Local Elections to be Held on April 3

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic dissolved parliament and called early parliamentary elections for April 3 on Tuesday (15.02). Vucic signed a decree to dissolve parliament and called elections for members of parliament on April 3, 2022.

Both decisions take effect with their publication in the Official Gazette. Vucic said that this parliament completed important things for the country, especially in terms of rule of law. He called the population of Serbia to turn out and show the country’s democratic capacities, that plans can be implemented in a civilized manner, adding that he wishes that the election winners will lead the country in the best possible way. He said he is sure that the people of Serbia know how to choose the best.

Meanwhile, the Serbian Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic on Tuesday (15.02) called local elections in two cities and 10 municipalities for April 3. The last local elections were held in Serbia in the summer of 2020. He said that he would call presidential elections early in March, 90 days before the president’s term in office expires.