Draft of „final agreement” with Serbia

The Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) leader Ramush Haradinaj, will send a draft of the “final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia” to the Parliament.  

His party requested a parliamentary session today (25.02) dedicated to dialogue with Belgrade. 

Haradinaj, former Kosovo Prime Minister and a leader of the 1998-1999 wartime Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), suggests the recognition of citizenship and non-interference in internal and international affairs and advocates that the future agreement is in line with three basic principles: sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitutionality. 

„The Republic of Kosovo is committed to reaching an agreement in line with the idea of reaching a major solution at an international summit organised under the auspices of US President (Joseph) Biden, representatives of the EU and the United Kingdom”, the draft added. 

Haradinaj said that “the ‘grand solution’ should provide a final agreement and pave the way for an ongoing dialogue between the parties on all open issues after reaching a final agreement.” 

He believes that, after that agreement, the dialogue on other open issues should continue, with guarantees from the US, EU and UK.