Vucic Would Decide in 60 Days But Not On Sanctions On Russia

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said that the US Senator Chris Murphy accurately conveyed his words in his blog post about making a decision in 60 days, but he added that this did not refer to introducing of sanctions on Russia. 

“Call me in sixty days. Check to see if I’ve done what I am telling you I will do”, the senator quoted Vucic as saying at the end of their meeting in Belgrade. 

Answering the questions of the journalists after the military exercise „Shield 2022″ on Saturday (30.04), Vucic explained that that part of the conversation „concerned a specific project”, but he did not want to say what kind of project it was. 

“I reckon that you would be the happiest if I imposed sanctions on Russia, because all those you supported, you and your owner, want that”, Vucic told N1’s reporter and said that his questions made no sense. 

When it comes to mines produced in Serbia that were seen at the Ukrainian battlefield, Vucic said that the mines were delivered earlier, before the war broke out. 

“Do you want to ban us from producing mines and weapons, it is not the production of ballet shoes, it is weapons, I do not understand what you want from us, what you are passing on to us, is it that we are the only country that does not arm anyone, what is the meaning of this issue”, the president told reporters. 

Vucic also noted that he, as the president, will make decisions in the interest of Serbia in the next five years. 

“I really care about the Americans, I really care about the Russians and Europeans, even if I were left all alone in the world, I would only work for the benefit of my country”, said Vucic. 

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