About Us

The Bulgarian Hub for United Balkans (BHUB) is an independent structured focal core of several associated NGOs, institutes and expert groups comprised of academics, diplomats, variety of experts, analysts, journalists and aspiring intellectuals in their corresponding fields, specializing in and thriving to provide insights, advice and strategic counseling into the political, societal and other critical development in the Western Balkans.

We extensively cover the Balkan Region and specifically, the countries in the Western Balkans in politics, foreign policy as well as energy, defense and security together with the dynamics in the non-governmental sector as part of the process of the Euroatlantic integration – a broad, yet explicitly stated and very important priority for all the countries in this region.

Our founding principles are:

  • Evaluate the critical factors and developments of the situation in the Western Balkans that promote the Euroatlantic integration of the countries in the region through enhanced international cooperation, incl. through enhanced institutional cooperation, academic and NGO networking.
  • Provide strategic research at the academic and expert level enhancing the practical work done in the region.